Friday, 2 August 2019


I really like it when these network service providers tend to outsmart each other. This time around when two elephants fight, the grass no longer suffers but enjoys. What I am saying in essence is that when they start this game of trying to impress their customers, their customers are left with lots of options to choose from. Glo has always called themselves Grand Masters of Data but MTN is trying hard to prove to point. N500 worth of airtime gives you a data plan that's worth 4GB? Find out how...
Without much stories, let me lead you through the process of enjoying this benefit before the good people of MTN decides to tread another path:

MTN recently introduced a new plan that gives you a jaw dropping 4GB for just N500, who does that? Note this, it has it's cons, that is, a limitation attached to it and what's that?
This enjoyment lasts for 48 hours only. So you would want to ask, 'what can I do with all of this data within this short period of time'? The answer is not far fetched:

This plan is specially made for people who have lots of download to do: maybe system update, new software download, assignment that requires lots of downloads or uploading or updating their You-tube account etc. SO how do you enjoy this awoof? Very simple!

Just get a new MTN sim for N200, get it registered and recharge your line with N500.00. That's just it.
Next thing to do is to dial:

to get this package and its that simple. Dial *131# and you will be given 2GB plus an extra 2GB which will give you a total of 4GB.

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