Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Demystifying “Scratch & Win Promo”
Public Enemy 1
Yes, I call it the Enemy of the Public because it is so frustrating, inconveniencing and gives sleepless nights and you know what, it is even difficult for you to talk about in the open
and yet it wants to show itself in the public. Why on earth will your hands always scratch your body? Your skin is covered with little rashes and sores…you’ve taken everything and all the antibiotics money can buy, yet the solution is far from being reached.

Do not carry every baby you see or shake hands every now and then…handshake is not very compulsory.
Have you ever SCRATCHED and wished it lasted forever? Then know that you are a member of the SCRATCH & WIN PROMO. The most embarrassing moment is when it finally finds its way down your groin…your buttock and genitals (penis).

This problem is not new in Nigeria and according to research/statistics, there are over 100, 000 new cases every year in Nigeria. The SHOCKER is it’s only a few meters away from you if you’ve not contracted it yet.

Very common…severe itching, intense scratching…in fact, welcome on board the “The Scratch & Win Promo” proper. It appears in small bumps or rashes like bumps on the skin…fluid filled…mind it…don’t burst it, it’s the fastest way of spreading it all over the body.

WOW, Very easy. You don’t need to be dirty to contract it. In fact, it becomes embarrassing when you discover that you have this all-time Enemy 1, irrespective of your high personal hygiene.
Note: it is a STD as you would want to think but it can be transmitted during sexual intercourse (10%), how? Body contact…simple! That’s the most common mode of transmission, which also include hugging, handshake, sharing of clothes, beddings etc.
These bad guys can be very STUBBORN. They are microscopic mites that burrow under the skin to cause discomfort. Their process of laying of eggs, movement, faeces etc causes the body to react and you feel intense itching and scratching. The first symptom shows up after about 2 weeks of exposure. This makes it even very difficult to tell where exactly you picked it up. That the annoying part…I need to avoid that place but I can’t tell where exactly again.

Alas! Relax, it can be treated but not as the word treat sounds.
Know this! I’m not a medical person but this write-up is as a result of serious research and experience. If you stay with your family, this treatment is recommended for everyone, no one is immuned against this microscopic enemy.
Trying to get rid of this bug was something else…unfortunately most of the so called health practitioners do not know how to diagnose the condition, let alone proffer a lasting solution. They just recommend ointments after ointments which do not give lasting solution to the condition. Antibiotics is good but only necessary when you’ve sustained cuts and openings from intense scratching. The key point to success is BENZYL BENZOATE LOTION (BBL). Although there are other treatments prescribed by different people but the most common and yet very cheap mode of treatment is BBL. Know also that BBL can also disgrace you. Are you using it for the first time and you are applying it around your genitals? The experience is a Chop One, Chop Two, Ha Ha Tatta Ta Experience.
Please bear this in mind: the treatment is a gradual process…in fact it tends to make the case worse by invoking more rashes….I will advise that the lotion is applied every six (6) hours for very serious cases after a very hot bath. Expect results from 3 to 5 days but don’t relent...keep it for 21 to 28 days for total cleansing because these mites can hang on for up to 7 days before they finally drop off.
Like I said before, they are mites burrowing under the skin and what kills them is HEAT. I read a man’s story of how he soaked himself in a very hot water neck down for hours until he almost fainted. Don’t try this at home if you stay alone or nobody is aware of what you are doing. The lotion is going to cause serious heat around the areas it is applied on. Make sure you give more attention to places with high concentration of rashes. Come to think of it, is the heat not worth it if the solution is behind it?
I have taken my time to highlight the actions, symptoms, mode of transmission and treatment in a blog…so a lot of people who are ashamed of telling others what they are going through can read and just walk into any medicine shop, pick it up and start the treatment process almost immediately.