Friday, 1 September 2017


Finally, yesterday the 31st day of August 2017 recorded the last day for the NPower Accessment Test. Before now some persons were having issues accessing the test portal due to BVN issues. Some finally succeeded while others didn't give it a try again. But the good news is, a large chunk of the people that applied did the online test.

Now that the testing phase is over, what next? Do we fold our arms and just wait or is there any information for us on what to do next? Read this from NPower Facebook Channel:
According the NPower Facebook Page, after the Accessment Test comes a Pre Selection Phase. This is what I don't understand. That is to say, after the Pre selection stage, there's still going to be a Main selection stage, I guess! I think this phase has to do with the uploading and or presenstation of your papers for physical or virtual verification. This will include checking the degrees you claim to have obtained, your age declaration (very important to NPower) and other little things like National Identity Card or the likes etc.

The page says that beneficiaries will be selelcted for physical verification aand it is llikely to commence at the end of September 2017.

Now you will ask, how will I know that I am preSelected? Simple! When the time comes for that stage, the list will be made public, so the page says.

Where can this list be found? Number 1 place where we can find this list is their webpage:
Twitter handle: @npowerng

Once again, Congrats to all those who were able to complete the first phase/stage of the screening.
Goodluck to you as you await the second stage.