Thursday, 29 December 2016

Which is your worst Mobile Network for Browsing?

 I am writing this post from my own experience. I would want you to also share your experiences with us here.
We have the 4-most popular of them all: MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. They have been operating in their various capacities and I think it is the most appropriate time to access them so we don't go into the new year with a wrong mindset. 

Number 1 in the list is Glo
The first of them all that I will want to look at is the network that call themselves Glo (aka GRAND MASTERS OF DATA). What a beautiful name! In fact, to an extent, they are living up to that. 

They offer Nigerians affordable data plans...I call it pocket-friendly plans. No network in Nigeria can give you 7GB+ for a chicken fee of N2, 000.00 or 10GB for N2.5K.

I agree that they are trying but I have something against them: What is it? They decided to roll-out 4G network but my brother, the common 3G Network that we are used to is a problem. The best you get in most places is 2G. This 2G is the slowest I have ever seen. It is worst than "Slow Motion". The annoying part of the whole thing is that in my area, they give us network in such a ridiculous pattern that you will cry for your money. If you calculate all the days they send signal to us in month, it is not up to 7-days. So, assuming you live in my area, will you be happy whenever you hear the name GRAND MASTERS OF DATA?

Number 2 in the list is MTN.
Whether you like it or not, MTN is in control of the market. Be it voice or data, they are in charge. Although they have made considerable adjustment in the price of their data, still you can't compare it to that given by Glo.

MTN network is fairly stable and more reliable. They are 70% reliable. They can take you through the journey and you will come out a bit relaxed.

What I have against them is that they should review the price of data and continue rolling out the 4G network so that those of us in rural areas can also testify to that.

Number 3 in the list is Airtel:
The Smartphone network. The network known for magic data disappearance. They promise you 6GB for N1.5k and before you know it, it has all disappeared. They have really improved lately. The network is more stable than before but I have this against them:

Airtel is a crooked network. They are not straightforward. The price of data is not also unique to them. They are on the same level with the other networks. The only cheap plan you get is the Android plan. More has to be done to claim back that lost glory, Airtel!

Number 4 in the list is Etisalat:
I don't know how to categorize this network. In my area, we receive signals once in 2-months (if I'm being very fair). When you don't receive signals, how do you access them data-wise?

So far, so good, I think MTN is on top of the table. If you have a contrary view, please drop your comments.