Tuesday, 25 October 2016

NPOWER: Make-up Test for those that missed the first round is on

This is to inform the general public and especially those that applied or registered for the N-Power Freelance job recruitment that a makeup test is on-going. This is very important at the moment because some persons were complaining that they didn't receive the invitation sms for the online test.
The President of Nigeria, Mr. M. Buhari and the entire organizers of the recruitment exercise are trying their best to make sure that everyone is carried along. In a bid to show that the entire process is transparent and corruption free, a make-up test has been arranged for those that did not receive the invitation SMS or their names did not appear when they tried logging in the first time.

I for one did not also receive the invitation sms, though I registered so many people for the exercise. Some came back to write their online test while others came complaining.

Two things I think were responsible: either multiple registrations were made with a particular phone number or your number was unknowingly skipped by the system.

This is what I did: I kept visiting the portal until I saw this make up test provision. I tried logging in with my primary phone number and my surname but it did not work. I almost gave up when my innerman instructed me to use my other number and immediately I did that, the portal granted me access.

You do the same also and see if you will be lucky. Visit the portal on: N-Power Make-up Test and enter your log-in details in the following order:
- In the first box provided, enter your phone number (your official number preferrably). But if this doesn't work, and you have other numbers you think you used for the registration, try using them also.
- In the second box, enter your surname in small letters all through (not first letter capital).
- Click Log In.

This should launch you to your portal. At the far right top corner of this page you should see your name boldly written.

- Click on the boldly written link to your test page CLICK HERE TO START...
- Under Accessment Period, click on CLICK HERE TO START.
This should launch you to the test page proper. follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

Note that your test is in two phases, after the general test, depending on the area of specialization that you chose, the second round of test will load almost immediately you finish the first one. If it doesn't load, try refreshing the page once or twice and click under the area of specialization that you chose in the general test.

Please try and share this with friends so that everyone is carried along. Thank for stopping by.