Wednesday, 12 October 2016

DBS: Make More Money than MMM with DBS

Make up to N20,000 to N40,000 every week with DBS.
As a result of the Nigerian economy, everybody is thinking on how to make money either to help the "half salaries" they are receiving or 6 - 8 months no pay situation they are in. Many platforms have been trending online and with wonderful bonuses and gifts, most people are attracted to them just to keep money in their pockets. Get more >>>

Some of these platforms include MMM, Lara Bot, Melisfon, Zarafund etc but today I am going to introduce you to another platform called DBS (Direct Bank Saver). With this platform, you don't need to wait for the end of the month to get 30% of your initial deposit. You will be able to make about 73% of your initial deposit almost immediately if you are able to bring another person. This is how it works:

Before I tell you how it works, let me tell you this:
DBS is government approved. I mean DBS is a business associated with First Bank of Nigeria. So clear your mind of doubt. They are here to stay.
Make more money as more people register under you...I mean you will make 73% of every registration under you. WooooW! 

This is how you make more money and grow your capital:
- You earn monthly bonuses
- You earn Yearly bonuses
- You earn 73% of N5,500, which is the registration fee. 

Now this is the Secret:
If you bring someone on board and the person registers  with the sum of N5, 500.00, this  how you are going to make more money:
- I person, you make N4,000
- 2 persons, you make N8,000
- 5 persons, you make N20 ,000 and so on
And the good of this is, you can make all of these in one day...I mean in ONE DAY 

NOW, All of these will be paid directly into your bank account on daily basis and an email sent to you to confirm the payment. It has nothing to do with working time.

How to Register:
1. Visit:
2. In the Home page you will see: Enter DBS Marketing ID to Continue: (Here you will have to enter your referral's ID to continue with the registration). Enter Zeedon.
3. Click Enter to continue to the registration page.
4. In the next page that opens, scroll down to the bottom. There you will see a link: "CLICK HERE TO START REGISTRATION PROCESS"
5. In the next page that opens, you will see Click Here To Register. CLICK on it and enter your details.
See this attachment of what the form is all about:
 Step 2:
1. After registration, proceed to make a bank deposit with the ID with which you started the Registration. For this instance, the ID is Zeedon.
Account Details:  
Account Name: Direct Business Associate
Account No: 2028773696
Name of Bank: First Bank Nigeria.

If you cannot make the direct bank deposit, you can pay with your ATM Card via ATM or Mobile Transfer.    

Your account will be activated almost immediately and you will start making money. It is as simple as this.

You think you will need assistance, why not add me on Whatsapp: 08037973323 or better still give me a call in the evenings around 8.30 -9.30pm everyday except Sundays and I will be there to help you make money
Nigerian Youths are above reccession. We will never be depressed!