Tuesday, 6 September 2016

VERY HOT: How to use Airtel 20GB for N200 on your phone

Good day my dear esteemed readers and followers.
Yesterday, we shared with you the Airtel Social Media data plan that gives you as much as 20GB for just N200. We then discovered that it was almost difficult for people to use it on PC and even on their mobile phones, was a big challenge as it opens only Facebook, Whatsapp and Opera Mini app.
Even when they want to download with it, it downloads only selected files. 
This warranted a research on how to make good use of this wonderful gift. I am going to share with you on how to browse and download effortlessly with this latest data plan.  Please note that you can use this method on your mobile devices like Android phones (which at the time of writing this post has been tested) to browse and download.

You can also download large files to your memory card and later transfer them to your PC with USB cords/cables.

Steps to follow:
1. Internet (APN) settings for your device:
- Name: bloggerzeedon.com.ng
- APN: internet.ng.zain.com
- APN Type: default, supl
Proxy & Port: (leave it, don't touch)
- Username/Password: internet

2. Psiphon Settings
- Under Handler: (make sure you download psiphon handler)
>>Tick: Remove Port
>>Proxy Type: Real Host
>>Proxy Server: nokia-s40-11-cust.opera-mini.net
>>Real Proxy Type: HTTP
>>Real Proxy Port: 80

click here to download the handler here: PSIPHON HANDLER

- Under Option:
>>Region: USA

- Under More Option:
>>Kindly untick all the boxes there!

You are now good to go!
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