Monday, 5 September 2016

VERY HOT: How to get 20GB on Airtel for N200

First of all, lemme introduce myself...
My name na Zeedon da Blogger,
And I get beta yan for una today...

Yes, Today I am introducing to you how to 20GB, I mean 20GB for a small amount of N200 only. It is not a tweak or is legit from Airtel, just hat our searchlight didn't point in that direction. So, this is how to get it...
How many of you remembered that we shared on this platform HOW TO GET 15GB FOR N500 ON THIS SAME NETWORK? Wanna check it out? Follow this link 15GB for N500

Steps to Hammer:
- Load N200 onto your Airtel SIM card (Preferably the one with no subscription) 
- Dial *688#,
- Reply with 2 (Monthly-N200, 25days)
- Check balance by dialing *140#

See how to use it on your mobile devices without stress, Click Here

For heavy downloading:
A bit of tweaking will be needed..don't be afraid, you don't need to adjust IPs and Ports but just follow this simple steps:
- Open your Opera Browser
- Open this site on the address bar:
- Locate this at the bottom of the page:
 - You will see, replace it with the site that has the download you want to make, click start as shown by the photo above and start downloading with reckless abandon.

See how to use it on your mobile devices without stress, Click Here

- This works with almost every social media site 
- It is a bomb when you use your smartphone.

My Advise 
If it is not fast on your laptop even 4G network, then use your phone, follow the steps above and download the applications/files to your phone then transfer it to your PC.

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Special Thanks to Gideon Okonji of Yomi Prof. 


Unknown said...

Are you serious?

baba zee said...

Action speaks brother man. I just discovered Mungo Park.