Saturday, 10 September 2016

GLO: How to browse & download for FREE unlimited

Hello Everyone...Today I bring to you another way to access the internet free of charge. This is because of late, Airtel has been misbehaving. They reduced their 20GB data plan for N200 to 200MB. As if that was not enough, they increased the tariff for our watch night data plan from N50 to N200.

Today we are will be looking at HOW TO BROWSE FREE WITH N0.00 ON GLO using UC Browser.

1. Download the UC Browser Handler.apk HERE (this is for android devices)
2. Install the app and configure it as follows:
- Front Query =
- Middle Query =
- Tick = Remove Port
- Proxy Type = Real Host 
- Proxy Server =
- Real Proxy Type = Default
3. Click SAVE and start browsing.

For other devices like Java and Symbian phones, please GOOGLE the handlers compatible with your OS, download, configure and use. Also help others by sharing the link to the handler you downloaded and your device type.

Carefully configure this, use it and share your testimonies. Remember to share with friends also.