Friday, 2 September 2016

AIRTEL: How To Get 15GB for N500

Today, I am going to show to you how you can accumulate MB and GB on the Airtel network if you have heavy download to make.

This is a simple trick that has been around, just that we didn't think towards that direction but this September is going to be a month to remember for most of you that have 3G Airtel network.
Steps to Get yourself ready:
1. Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312#
2. Press 1 to reply.

Steps on How to Accumulate GB
1. Dial *312#
2. Press 2 to reply to get 1GB for N500 (7 days)
3. Press 3 to reply to get Trybe Night Browsing
    - Press 1 to get 500MB for N25
    - Press 2 to get 1.5GB for N50
4. Press 4 to reply to get 200MB for N200 (Weekend Sat + Sun.)

This is How it Works:
1. Subscribe for 1.5GB for N50 by following the above steps
2. Once you exhaust it, subscribe again until you are able to download as much as 15GB.

Make sure you follow the above steps carefully and remember to share this everyone.