Thursday, 25 August 2016

VERY INTERESTING: The Man Who Named His Dog BUHARI Gains His Freedom

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Wonders they say shall never end as Joe who named his dog BUHARI finally gains his freedom from Police detention. Remember we brought you a story of how and why he was detained..check it here

The outspoken man was not even afraid as he keeps claiming that he claimed dog BUHARI because President Buhari is his role model...His confession will shock you!!! 
 This says he names his dogs with names of prominent people. People he sees has role models. According to TVC News, he said he had three dogs he named BUHARI, OBAMA and JOE. According to him, one he named after the president of the U.S, the other-president of Nigeria and the third he named after himself. He said he also had a dog that died about seven months ago which he named Nelson Mandela.

Speaking against misinterpreting his actions, he said President Buhari is a president of NIgeria and not the president of the north. He then asked this mind bugging question: What is a noun?

If you know the answer, please help us on time since he will be appearing in court again.