Friday, 19 August 2016

VERY FUNNY: Team Nigeria Kits Arrive Rio-Brazil 3 days to go

It is indeed a thing of shame for the Federal Government of Nigeria and the entire people of the country that the basic things a team would need in the course of their camping and performance in an international games like Olympics will be arriving the venue of the games at such a time that it is completely useless to the athletes.

What actually happened to the organizers and grammarians employed to see to the welfare of these athletes as they prepare and go to Rio?

The footballers left USA the very day they were to play with Japan and that was as a result of the good heart of Mikel Obi who decided to rescue Team Nigeria from shame. How can this be possible of a country that claims to be the giant of Africa?

Three days to the end of the games in Rio, the kits of Team Nigeria is arriving Rio-Brazil and which will no longer serve its purpose as most of the athletes have left after concluding their events, according to a top official of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria.

Greed and pride has deprived these athletes of the fun of going to Rio. According to the same official, money meant for the Games was held tightly by ministry officials. Instead of Solomon Dalong to shamefully apologize to Nigerians, he quickly pointed at the outfits of South Africa in the opening ceremony. according to him, they also appeared in their tracksuits.

One word for Dalong and his team...