Friday, 19 August 2016

INTERESTING: A man names his dog BUHARI and lands in Police cell

A businessman in Sango-Ota area of Ogun State did not envisaged what happened to him last week Saturday when he returned home from his business trip. This businessman, a Deltan, who decided to rename his dog from Bully to BUHARI didn't know that he was looking for trouble.
That fateful Saturday, a man from Niger Republic living in his neighbourhood can knocking and inquired to know why of all the names, he decided to name his dog BUHARI? Before he could offer any reasonable answer, a mob has gathered and it was the timely intervention of the Police that saved him from the irate mob comprising of northerners in the neighborhood.

Finally, this businessman slept in Police custody for naming his dog BUHARI and it took the intervention of the Serikin of Hausa and the President-General of non-indigenes to rescue him as his case has already been transferred to the Central Police Station in Eleweran. 
The man returned from captivity and discovers that his dog is no where to found. The defenders of truth would have silenced the dog forever.

source: VanguardNG