Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to get 1.5GB for N50 on Airtel Night Plan

Welcome to the Official Night Plan from the Stables of Airtel!
Airtel Officially launches a new Night Plan after scraping their Hourly Night Plan.

Now you have the choice to make, either to make Night Calls gossiping or Browse all through the night, learning something new.
This is how to enjoy this new night plan:
How to Subscribe to this plan:
-Dial *312#
-A message that Welcomes you to Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 appears.
-Reply with 3 to choose TRYBE NIGHT BROWSING.
-Reply with 2 to choose N50 - 1.5GB.
-The amount is automatically withdrawn from your account.

How long does this plan last:
One day: From 12.00am to 5.00am

Other packages in this plan:
1. Maybe you do not have up to N50 in your line but you want to use the internet urgently; not to worry, with just N25-you can buy 500MB.
2. Trybe Weekend Plan

How to get the N25 - 500MB plan?
-Dial *312#
-Reply with 3 to Choose Night Browsing
-Reply with 1 to choose N25 - 500MB 

How to get the weekend Plan?
-Dial *312#
-Reply with 4 to choose Trybe Weekend Plan
-Reply with 1 to choose N200 -250MB
-Reply with 1 to subscribe.

 Added Features:
30 minutes of free calls 

From Saturday 12.01am to Sunday 11.59pm
With the volume of data ascribed to this plan, will it last the whole of Saturday? All the same, you have the privilege to use it when the need arises.

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