Friday, 5 August 2016

Get 6GB for N1,500 on Airtel Special Privilege Offer

I am telling you that Airtel is all out to recover every lost ground this season. Glo has been dishing out data with reckless abandon but I tell you Airtel is telling them that Whatever they think they can do, they (Airtel) can even do better.

To prove to you that they are very serious with their promise, they have rolled out a special plan called SPECIAL PRIVILEGE OFFER and this plan is no discriminator of anyone You don't need to be qualified to enjoy this offer. Just Buy the required card and recharge your registered line, subscribe and enjoy yourself while the offer lasts!

Note: This offer is open only to those Airtel randomly selected, so if you were not sent any message related to this offer from Airtel, don't subscribe to this offer or else you will be given 3GB on airtel BB plan.
 Do you know why it is called SPECIAL PRIVILEGE OFFER (SPO)? It is called that because Airtel does not want you to pay more for data anymore!

How can I get this Plan?
Simply dial *440*161#. (Hope you guys still remember this is peculiar to Airtel)

How do I check my balance?
Just dial *123*10# and your SPO balance will appear, Gbamgban!!!

Does it work on all Devices?
Yes! It works on BlackBerry, Android (China, Korea or Aba), iPad, iPhone, iPhone, Computer (Desktop, Laptop or Palmtop) and EVEN YOU! LoooL.

What if I have other plans running?
Even if you have Airtel 2GB for N200 plan running, you can still use this SPO plan without any issue

Is it a 3G or 2G plan?
My brother, my sister, this plan explodes when you are in 3G covered zones and when you move to areas with 3.5G coverage, you need to be very careful when you use it as the speed is that of an electric train!

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