Thursday, 4 August 2016

Do you Know about the GLO Tariff Plan that gives You 800% on every recharge?

The father and mother of data in Nigeria is at it again. They have decided to extend their hand of friendship to everyone, users and non-users of data alike.
I tell you with these extra-ordinary packages from GLO, they are sure to lead the Telecom Market pretty soon. This new plan is called Glo Jollific 8 and it promises to you 800% on every recharge. Come with me as I show you how to go about it...
This plan is set to give new Glo prepaid subscribers 800% bonus every time they recharge their new SIMs.

Benefits of using this new Tariff Plan:
  • Every time you recharge your line, you are given 8 times the amount you recharged. Airtel is given theirs also check it HERE.
  • Everytime you recharge, you get free DATA and free voice
  • And the icebreaker: You can share your bonus data with your friends and loved ones via Data Gifting. 
How to calculate your Bonuses:
100 naira recharge gives you: #800 airtime + 10MB;
200 gives you #1600 airtime + #100(25MB to gift) = #1700
500 gives you #4000 airtime + #200(50MB to gift) = #4200
1000 gives you #8000 airtime + #400 (100MB to gift) = #8200

How to subscribe to Glo Jollific 8?
  • Buy a New Glo SIM;
  • Get it registered and
  • You are automatically subscribed to Glo Jollific 8
How do I check my balance?
Dial #122# 

How much am I charged?
You are charged 67k/sec for Glo to Glo calls and Glo to other networks. 

The data bonuses cannot be transferred.
The good side of this plan is that the BONUS ACCOUNT is charged first before the MAIN ACCOUNT.