Friday, 5 August 2016

Introducing GOOGLE DUO video calling

As the world goes digital, everything around us is also following accordingly. The way we relate with people, do our businesses and live our daily lives as been affected drastically by science and technology.

Google, the owners of the "greatest search engine" of all times is proud to introduce to you a whole new way of relating with friends,
family members, colleagues and associates in a unique way. It is called Google Duo. Google Duo is a video calling platform with which you can call anyone using the app and experience difference when it comes to using this same feature on other platforms.

This Android app was officially released on the 15th of August 2016 and the developers are working on getting it on others OS like iOS etc.According to Google Blog, "it is a simple 1-1 video calling app available to everyone on Android and iOS".

User Interface:
According to them, it has a simple interface and no complex registration form. All you need to enjoy this new app is your phone number and you will be able to reach people on your phone contact list. You don't need a separate account and from their you can start making the calls.

No Network Issues:
You know how bad it is when you are trying to make a video call and it keeps breaking and reconnecting?Google Duo is promising us that even when the network is poor, making calls will not be that difficult.
The App is also considerate. When you are hooked to a limited bandwidth, Duo automatically reduces the video resolution so as to help manage your data.
It can also switch from cellular data to wifi without dropping your calls.

Human Design:
 This app is designed to display certain human attributes. When you are called, before picking the call, Duo gives you the opportunity to see what the person is doing or the reason for placing the call, giving you the choice of picking the call or rejecting it. This feature is called KNOCK-KNOCK. 

Your calls are protected from end to end and you need not worry that a third party is having access to your calls.

I am going to calls all my friends right away...join me as we launch this new app.

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Source: Google Blog.