Thursday, 4 August 2016

Airtel Lauches a New Tariff that gives Six Times the Value of your Recharge

In other to maintain a good position in today's competitive Telecom Market, Airtel has told herself that she will show Nigerians that her metamorphosis from Econet to Airtel is not for vain and so she decided to launch a new tariff plan called Smart Connect 2.0.
This promises to give you 6times the value for your recharge. Isn't this powerful? Those of you who like bonuses...the time is now! I can see an itchy finger that wants to learn how to go about it...This is how

Now this is how it works:
For instance you recharge #100, you will be given #600 airtime or credit instantly. This is divided into the following:
  • #100 in your main account,
  • #250 in your bonus account to call all networks in Nigeria;
  • #250 or 50MB for browsing instanta.
So you do the mathematics for other recharges like #200, #500, #1000 etc.

Who qualifies for this enjoyment?
Everyone who is ready to buy and register a new SIM is qualified to enjoy this promo.

How do I recharge?
The recharge pattern for this promo is still the same...*126* and you can check your bonuses by dialing *123#.

When does my bonus expire?
Your bonus is valid for 7 days after which it expires but your main balance is forever.

Can I roll over my bonuses?
The answer is YES! To roll over any bonus, try and recharge your line within the period of validity, i.e, before it expires and it will be added to your new bonus. Isn't this wonderful?

How much I am been charged?
The tariff charged for this plan is 50k/sec from your main and bonus accounts. That means you will be charged 50k per second whenever you make calls from both accounts.

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